Castle Street cycling

Castle Street Sheffield – Cycle Lane Parking – Google and Bings Perspective

There is a cycle lane in Sheffield on Castle Street that provides access to the city centre for cyclists who wish to avoid the arterial routes that still dominate the area.

This cycle lane is a contraflow lane, it is clearly marked and has a solid white line to separate it from the oncoming carriageway.

There is a nearby taxi rank and for many years taxis have been using the cycle lane as an extension to the taxi rank forcing cyclists using it into the oncoming carriageway. Any cyclist who asks them to move, or takes photo’s as evidence, is met with angry taxi drivers.

Google and Bing have been recording this junction for some time, lets have a look at what they’ve seen.

A message to Sheffield Council: The Google Streetview car has been in Sheffield over the past couple of days, I wonder what the latest images will show…