Cycling in the door zone – Injury statistics

Source: Scott Ehardt

Statistics for cyclists injured by ‘car door incidents’ have just been released for the last few years. I’m fairly sure that this information has been available previously but this is a nice summary in response to a Parliamentary Question.

Between 2009 and 2011 1587 incidents have been recorded resulting in injury, 2 resulted in death.

Mr Sheerman: To ask the Secretary of State for Transport what information his Department holds on (a) the number of pedal cyclist casualties attributable to the opening of a vehicle door in (i) 2009, (ii) 2010 and (iii) 2011 and (b) the severity of the injuries received in each case. [145360]

Stephen Hammond: The numbers of pedal cyclists injured, by severity, in reported personal injury road accidents in Great Britain, as a result of hitting an open door of a vehicle, or as a result of a vehicle door being opened or closed negligently (e.g. injured due to evasive action), for the last three years are:
Severity    2009    2010    2011
Killed      0      1      1
Serious     55      77     92
Slight      413     449     501

So… don’t ride in the door zone! Heed the advice from Silly Cyclists and watch the video below.

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