Rotherham Pool Green Roundabout Redesign – Cycle lanes

Just a quick post, Rotherham Council has just been awarded £3.4million from the Pinch Points Fund to convert Pool Green Roundabout into a signalised crossing.

The road is a standard crossroads, it has 6 lanes in the north south direction and 3 lanes in the east west direction. Cycle facilities consist of in carriageway lanes and advance stop lines.

Is this really the best we can do for cycling?

(I’ve highlighted the on carriageway lanes in red below, the original is here)

With Cycle Lanes 2

The cycle lane design reminds me of another road in Sheffield, the new Inner Ring Road which seems to encourage drivers to cut up people in the cycle path to access the slip road.

Ring Road Cycle Lane

Surely within carriageway cycle lanes like these can’t be recommended in high traffic urban dual carriageways? Can they?

I much prefer this design from The Netherlands (borrowed from A View From The Cycle Path) which provides separation (I have flipped the photograph).


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That makes me mad! There’s so much space for a much better solution.

Hold the cars in a left turn lane while the cyclists cross the junction on the inside at the same time vehicles are going straight on. Problem solved!

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