Sheffield Cycling Inquiry Terms of Reference – PDF

Sheffield Cycling Inquiry Terms of Reference – PDF

Sheffield Cycling Inquiry Terms of Reference - PDF

Economic and Environmental Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee

Inquiry on Cycling in Sheffield

Terms of Reference

The Economic and Environmental Wellbeing Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee has set up an Inquiry to look at cycling in Sheffield.

The terms of reference for the Inquiry are:

• To request and review written and oral evidence from a cross-section of people and organisations in the city with respect to cycling. This will include considering what measures have worked successfully within the city and elsewhere, and why they have worked.

• To identify measures to broaden and increase participation in cycling in Sheffield, with a particular emphasis on the economic, health and environmental impacts of these measures.

• To propose an updated vision and strategic approach to cycling in Sheffield in early 2014.

• To produce a report summarising the points above and identifying the next steps for the Council and partners.

The Council’s Cabinet Member for Business, Skills and Development will be asked to respond to the report, setting out which parts of the report the Council will implement and over what timescale.

A representative from Cycle Sheffield will act as a voluntary adviser to the Inquiry. A City Council Policy and Improvement Officer who supports the Scrutiny Committee and a specialist from the City Council’s Transport Planning team will provide support to the Inquiry.

The Inquiry will operate along lines similar to that of a Parliamentary Select Committee, mounting a short focussed inquiry, taking evidence and producing a final report.

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